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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Contest Anyone?

It's almost time to celebrate my fiftieth blog post and in honor of my accomplishment (seven kids, you bet, this is an accomplishment for this busy momma), I'm giving away a series of books entitled God's Design for Sex Series to one blessed blog reader.

Now, in case you've just turned a funky shade of red and are wondering if you just read the word sex on my blog site, let me be clear: Yes, you just read the word sex on my blog site. God's Design for Sex Series is a series of age appropriate books that parents can use to teach their kids about sex.

Now why would any parent want to do that you might ask? They don't. But it's a parents job to do that, and if you're like me, you need all the help you can get. (Incidentally, we tried using hamsters at the Ruch house to teach these lessons. I don't recommend this. You just end up with a lot of little hamsters.) I love these books. They are well written and the illustrations are beautiful. And they make an uncomfortable job a whole lot more comfortable.

So how do you enter? Just make a comment on my blog, on any post you desire, between now and December 31st. The winner will be chosen at random in high tech fashion by one of my kiddos picking a name from a hat. I will announce the winner on January 1st, 2011.

Happy commenting!


  1. Hi Carolyn- I just began these talks with Mirielle. Ha- the shock on her face made me wonder if I should have gleaned more from those who have gone before :). Thank you for doing this!!

  2. We had rabbits that demonstrated it very well. We also had a book that explained everything on a kid's level (this was 30 yrs. ago). I have a picture of our two-year-old reading the book to his baby brother about where babies come from.

    Jill Darling

  3. You are a blessing! I love how you use the gifts God gave you for His glory!

  4. Adam really wants these books. We keep borrowing them from K&P but we need a set of our own. I'm feeling lucky! Haha!


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