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Saturday, July 14, 2012

In People We Trust

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This morning I read the following quote to my husband:

If children can be silenced and the average person is easy to fool, many offenders report that religious people are even easier to fool than most people. One molester, who was himself a minister, said:

I considered church people easy to fool . . . they have a trust that comes from being Christians . . . They tend to be better folks all around. And they seem to want to believe in the good that exists in all people . . . I think they want to believe in people. And because of that, you can easily convince, with or without convincing words. – Predators, Pedophiles, Rapists, & Other Sex Offenders by Anna C. Salter, Ph.D., (Basic Books, 2003), page 29.

My husband, a Jesus follower, responded, “Yeah, but I’m not sure I want to be anyone else . . . the alternative is not trusting anyone.”

I’m not sure I want to be anyone else either. It’s a conundrum. There are many people who are trust-worthy. And I want my kids to know them, experience all they have to offer, and be blessed by their gifts and talents.

I would add, as a Jesus follower myself that I want to trust in God to protect my kids. I think that belief makes me and other people of faith more vulnerable to those who violate sexually. And I want my kids to know Jesus, experience all he has to offer, and be blessed by his grace and mercy.

So where does that leave me as a parent and person of faith? I want to trust people. I do my best to trust God.

Jesus told us that we would have trouble in this world and suffering. And God gave children parents. One of our primary roles as parents is to protect children.

I think that leaves me with a job to do. I must teach my children about sexual abuse and what they should do if they encounter it.

And as I continue to do all that I can do to protect my kids, I will trust with both eyes open.

Need a tool to begin the conversation about sexual abuse with your kids?


  1. Your post is going to help so many people who are struggling with their relationship with god after sexual abuse. What you said is perfect!


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