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Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Raining...Again, Mama

I've heard it said, "A mother is only as happy as her saddest child." Well, if that's true and I've got seven kids (three of whom are healing from a troubled past, 4 of whom are female with hormones raging, and 3 of whom are dating with all of its ups and downs), where does that leave me?

Now I'm no mathematician, but I suspect the statistics for this mama having a happy day are slim. Very slim.

Today is one of those days. Yeah, those days. Child Z is having relationship issues. (I could cry a river over this one.) Child Q has to stand up against a wrong at school, knees shaking, but doing the right thing. (I'm so proud, but yeah, my knees are shaking too.) And child W, well, she's mad that it's cold and rainy and she can't wear shorts. She left the house with a scowl on her face and her nose in the air. Poor thing. I'm such a mean mama. (But I kid you not, some days, I can even let her scowl get the best of me.)

Truth be told, I hate it when my kids are sad. I like happy kids. Smiling kids. Giggling kids. But today I've got a sad kid, a nervous kid, and a mad kid. I know; I can do that math...three out of seven--not good.

Well, this morning I heard this woman encouraging the sad kid, praying with the nervous kid, and giving the mad kid a little sermon on anger. It went like this...

W, I understand that you're angry. There's nothing wrong with being angry, but it's what you do with your anger that can be wrong. And no, you don't get to speak to kid P disrespectfully because you're angry. And besides, you don't have to act angry's your choice.

Hm, it's her choice. Oh, I hate when that happens...I'm preaching to the choir...ahhhgain.

So where does that leave me? With a choice...

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  1. Carolyn, my dear friend, I am soooo happy that you have launched out in faith to share with the world what God is teaching you. I know it will so bless and help those who read your writing.

    I loved our time spent driving to and from to the book event yesterday, as well as the event itself. You are special friend and I am always encouraged to listen to your words of wisdom that comes from a humble heart that seeks the Lord.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day - you are a wonderful mother and friend!

    Much love,


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