It's never too late to begin the healing process from childhood sexual abuse. It's never too early to fall in love with the person God created you to be. Long ago someone made a choice to take away your innocence, but today that someone can't touch your freedom to heal.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Who’s Tamar Anyhow?

I was hanging out with two of my writer friends recently. I love them. They’re honest pals. They tell me what they really think, and I trust them.

One’s a self-proclaimed former Super Gal. She could fix anything, until she realized she couldn’t fix anything. She surrendered her cape to God a few years ago in her late forties.

The other is a former Woodstock groupie. She was immersed in the rock and roll culture until one day she realized that Jesus loved her. Now she’s a Jesus follower and Bible scholar.

Very cool women.

“I love your blog,” Super Gal said, “but I have to admit, I don’t get why it’s called Tamar’s Redemption.” She didn’t grow up in the church. And since the story of Tamar, from 2 Samuel, in the Old Testament, is rarely heard from the pulpit and certainly not in Sunday school, I understood her reaction. “Who’s Tamar anyhow? I think you should change the title of your blog.”

“Don’t you dare,” said my Woodstock friend. “I love the name of your blog!”

Two friends. Two opinions.

I reaffirmed Super Gals opinion. She’s been in marketing for years. All she wants is for my mission to protect kids to spread. So do I. Her point was valid. Will parents find my blog with the title Tamar’s Redemption? Hmm . . .

I felt the passion of my Woodstock friend. The story of Tamar, in my opinion, is one of the saddest stories in the Bible. Tamar, raped by her half-brother, told to be quiet, to get over it. The final mention of her in scripture can be found in 2 Samuel 13:20. “And Tamar lived . . ., a desolate woman.” (NIV)

Desolate. Alone. Joyless. Without hope. Without redemption.

It hurts my heart to think of men and women alone in their pain, without hope, without redemption. It’s what millions of survivors face each day until they are listened to, until they are believed.

My answer.

Tamar’s Redemption Tuesdays: How We Hurt. How We Heal. My blog title will change and move to my website,, within the next few weeks, but Tuesdays will be reserved for survivors and those who love them.

If you know a survivor, please welcome him/her to stop by for a visit. There won’t be any trite suggestions or quick fixes. A place for survivors to meet and share their journey. A place to be listened to and believed. A place with hope and I pray—redemption.

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