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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Yes, Virginia, You Can Be Disobedient

I like obedient kids. Don’t you?

Nothing broke the mood of a romantic date with my husband more than a bunch of noisy brats seated at the table next to ours. It happened more than once. We would get a sitter and plan our escape only to be assaulted by someone’s spaghetti drippin’ faced cherubs screechin’ out songs of lamentations.

We left our children at home. Thank you. Very. Much.

Once we planned an overnighter at a local inn known for its relaxing Jacuzzis and romantic visits to faraway places. Just walk through the door and you’re lost in Paree. Oui. Oui. Evening becomes night. And what happens in Paree, stays in Paree. Then suddenly you’re jolted from your dreams at 7 AM by two mattress jumping screamers next door. Their parents decided to take them on the Orient Express. The train derailed. And this momma’s oui, ouis  bolted right out of Ol’ Paree.

We left our seven, count them, seven children at HOME! Thank you, oh, so, VERY MUCH!!!

My husband and I have gotten grayer, wiser and perhaps, more senile through the years. We choose to laugh at situations like this now. It’s just easier on our blood pressure and a kinder approach to mankind.
Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici/

Kids will be kids. Parents will be parents. And quite frankly, I've grown fond of disobedient kids. I hope my kids give birth to or adopt a whole gaggle of them.

I want grandkids who test the waters with their tiny big toes just to see how far they can stick them in without getting hurt, who question whether the sky is really blue or if it is just the way our eyes perceive it, and grandkids who trust their parents for unconditional love, gentle guidance, and thoughtful answers to their unending questions.

I also want grandkids who know that there are just sometimes that it is totally okay to be disobedient to an authority, whether that be an older child or an adult. I want them to know with certainty that no one is allowed to touch them where their swimsuit covers, and that they are not allowed to touch anyone else where their swimsuit covers.  I want them to believe in their hearts and understand with their minds that it’s right to say—no, yell, “OH NO, I WON"T!” And run.

I also hope those worn-out children of mine, drop those mischievous little grand kids off at my house, just so they can have a date—without their kids. ;)

Teaching our children to be obedient is good. Very good. But teaching them that sometimes they must be disobedient is even better.

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